Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard 16 CORE License ORIGINAL USB


Rp 25.000.000

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard 16 CORE License w/ ORIG USB & UNLIMITED CAL’s

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard w/ 16 CORE LICENSE & UNLIMITED CAL’S

This is the most affordable way to get SQL and is great for MEDIUM TO LARGE sized businesses: 10-500 Users or devices.

1 User CAL for each user who accesses the information. (after the first five CAL’s)

1 Device CAL for each server accessing the system outside of the host system.

You DON’T require additional CAL’s with this license since this is a CORE based and allows unlimited concurrent users on the network.

These licenses are from the Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) channel from Microsoft. This is distributed electronically via authorized partners – and you will receive the paperwork as shown in the picture. You will also receive technical support from them since this is a full retail license. This license WILL NOT require additional CAL’s – unlimited CAL’s are included with CORE based licensing.


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